Individual reflection – Rob

Team process

In general, I think the process of the product development went very well. We had a planning and a clear division of roles within the team. Everyone showed up and put a sufficient amount of work in their role.

Group organization

The first weeks were a bit less organized, as not everyone made their blogs in the right week according to the workbook and we were starting to fall a bit behind. I think Qu did a great job here in organizing our work and setting deadlines as a team. From this point, everyone did their work and made their blog posts on time.

Development process

The idea for our product came pretty quickly, so we already had a good basis to work with from the start on. The code was first written before the design phase of the product came to be.

The product has gone through several concepts before the final design could be made. We had a number of requirements that the product has to meet and we found new ones with every step. This has been a great learning process.

  1. First draft
  • Design was too hard to pull off
  • Would not be practical, clunky and not ergonomic


     2. Second draft

  • Too heavy and clunky
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Too expensive


    3. Final design

After the first 3D printed prototype, we had a group brainstorm session on how to improve the product.

  • Design is inexpensive
  • Design is small and light



  • Currently there are no product with the same set of features
  • Similar products are more expensive and not suitable for our target group
  • Pain reliever: Not having to operate phone on bike, creates traffic safety
  • Motivates to take the bike more often
  • Detachable and easy to bring


  • Might not be compatible with every bicycle handle because of the orientation of the buttons



Learning goals

In my opinion I succesfully worked at my learning goals during this project. My goal was to improve my illustrative skills and create a representative product.

Throughout the several design steps and improvements I have learned how to demonstrate the looks of a physical product to make it a working prototype.

I also practiced with a new technique to visualize a product, by first making a 3D sketch in SketchUp and tracing this in photoshop. I found that this is a very fast and effective way to make drafts.




What went well

In general, I think this project went very well on group level and individual level.

  • We managed to finish all items and have a good in depth knowledge on our product
  • We learned a lot by making and testing the physical product
  • We managed to keep a steady planning schedule

What could be better

  • On my part, I could have discussed more about the design in the group. This way we probably wouldn’t have as many redesign steps.




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