Reflection-Meda Moisa


What are the strengths of our concept?

Firstly I believe that our concept it’s unique because it’s combining different technologies in such a way that it makes the product practical and different from the others.

Secondly I think that the product solves a lot of problems for the customers such as safety while using the phone and biking. Safety it’s very important, our product could help to prevent the numbers of accidents that are produced while biking because it would make you less distracted since you don’t have to remove your hand to search for your phone in the pocket, you can keep your hands on the bike handle.

In the third place I think that our product it’s very practical since it’s detachable, easy to use and flexible because of the BlueTooth technology that it uses. The price is acceptable for students also,especially because most students own a smartphone so they don’t have to buy extra devices for the app. The concept has a high potentinal  to develop because we are preparing to add more functions in the future for the user.

Your phone won’t get damaged also, our concept is based on using the BlueTooth technology which allows the user to be able to not take their phone out while biking so they can just use our device while their phone it’s inside the pocket/backpack.Since in the Netherlands it rains a lot this is very convenient.


What are the weaknesses of our concept?

The weaknesses of our concept mostly refer to the materials we use, the battery sloth, the production and the technical part.

The material of this product it’s not waterproof which might be a problem for the Light Blue Bean inside but we are in a developing process and we are planning to create a waterproof alternative. It also takes a lot of time to print one product since it’s created by using a 3d printer.

Our product has inside a light blue bean which requires a battery, we do not have a special sloth to change the battery but the product has 2 parts, by taking one out you can replace the battery easily.

The Light Blue Bean costs a lot but we have found a cheap alternative that we can use in the future which it’s a normal BLE.

Also for now we only have one function but for the future we are developing more functions for the user to be able to control different types of apps on their phone.


What went well regarding to the process ? 

The concept: We created a concept that we all liked after making a brainstorm session.We all had great ideas so by combining them and working together we came up with this concept. After coming up with the concept we started to plan everything, to give tasks, to research about different things. We all worked together and since we have similar mind set we got motivated to work together.

The team:  The team was enthusiathic to work together, we helped each other a lot. It is a good thing that each one of us was doing something different, each one of us had different tasks, each one of us is good at something else but combining all of those has helped the team to develop and achieve it’s goals. My team mates were very helpful and understanding. By planning everything the process for this project went smooth since we all knew what each one of us had to do.

Feedback: We have received constructive feedback from our teachers  Tim Roosen, Martijn Derkzen and Johannes de Boer which has helped us to understand better what we can change, how to make the concept and product better, how to solve the problem that we chose. The feedback has helped me realize how to improve my own skills but also how to help my team better.

The process went smoothly even though we had some problems we fixed them in the end.


What could be better about the process?

The delivery of the tasks could have been better since sometimes it took more time for others than the rest but everyone finished their taks in the end.

We could have talked more during the meetings, like being more organized, know exactly what we need to talk about.

I was also very stressed since I also have re-dos and I had to plan my time carefully and it was overwhelming. I could have plan my time better and focus more but it was a little hard since I got very stressed.

Since we helped each other we could face those things easier and fix the problems we had.


The value I provided to my team?What was my role in this team?

Individual focus: In the first blog I have wrote that I am interested in a lot of things but since it’s hard to focus on a lot of things I decided to focus on the writing part since other people were better than me in things that interested me and writing it’s one of the things I want to learn more. Researching, marketing, testing have helped me since I thought that it would help me a lot in the future for an internship and when I will work in a company. It has help me to develop my skills, to improve my writing, my way of thinking. I have found out a lot of new information which contributed to the team and has helped us to fix or to develop our concept easier.

By making research I helped the team by providing information that has helped us to think and see what’s the best way to create and present our product. Since most of my tasks were writing I have also put together the written content from the kickstarter page based on the research me and my team mates made but also base on the process.

I had also helped with other tasks when neccessarry.

The testing part has helped the team to have a more clear idea and it helped us make changes in the price, material, etc.

My process I have posted in my previous blogs.

By researching about different topics I have gained more knowledge and a in depth perception of how different companies work, how to present your idea, how does the target group thinks since we are also part of it. I have a more broad view and now I know how different things work.



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