Self Reflection – Paul Bremmers

For this self reflection i will be using the personal business canvas.
Some questions i will have to change to fit the past tense.
I will also look back to my first blog-post and answer how it worked out.

Personal business model canvas

who were my key partners?
My key partners were mostly my team members:

  • Rob van Schooten
  • Gouhai Qu
  • Tudor Sisoe
  • Meda Moisa

We’ve got most of our feedback from our teachers Tim Roosen, Martijn Derkzen and Johannes de Boer. they were a valuable part in the setup stage of the company and product.

I also want to mention Harry Sanderink for giving us a budget to test 3D printing and the staff at the Fablab for their great help and insight.

My Key activities
In this project i feel like i was a jack of all trades.
I mostly created 3D models and together with Rob we created the 3D prototypes.
Other things that i’ve done include Acting, marketing Research, creating the business model canvas and Testing and helping redesign the product.


My Key resources
I’ve had allot of 3D modeling experience to put in this project and a cooperative mindset.
I believe I worked well in the group and helped my teammates out just like they helped me.

Value Provided
I designed 3D models for graphic use, concept actualization and 3D printing.
I provided knowledge and experience with 3D printing software that we used to create our prototypes.
Often or not I was helping other team mates, and looking up business information for the company. I believe i brought interesting ideas and criticism to the work process.

“Customer” Relationships (how i interacted)
I believe i interacted with my team mates and others in a respective and enthusiastic manner. I was not shy with asking questions to the team and teachers, and neither with my criticism.
I think our team interacted very well with each other and everyone had a equal standing and voice in the project.

My team knows me as a fun loving and energetic man, I’m sometimes a bit tardy but always make sure everything is there in the end.

Customers (who i helped)
I helped my team and potential customers in the future.

I gave my time and dedication to this project. I always tried to deliver good work and keep the spirits up.

What i got
I’ve got a smooth running project with equal minded teammates and an innovative product. I learned allot and got a good view of 3D printing that will help me in my next assignment, and future career choice.


Checking the first blog & learning goals
In the first blog i wrote that i wanted to learn more about 3D modeling and realistic rendering. In the end i didn’t learn about realistic rendering but I’ve got a great experience modelling products to scale and allot of insight in 3D printing.

I always thought 3D printing was very complicated and with an other project i ran into problems before I even started printing. This project helped me allot and gave me the confidence and knowledge i needed to finish my other project.

What went well

  • The division of tasks and sharing of documents always went clean and fast
  • The planning started rough but we were running a tight schedule in the end
  • The team had a good and warm vibe that made the work so much easier
  • 3D printing and prototyping went really well and gave us a better look at starting our own company

What could have gone better

  • The planning took a while to take shape
  • I need to try and create clear tasks for myself in the beginning of the project


I had a great time working in TwoTired. My teammates were great and I feel like we really got along. We got a clear task division and everything went pretty smooth.
I learned allot and am proud of what we have achieved.


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