Feedback TeamCompesition & practical analysis

Feedback teamcompesition.


  • Behance and Linkedín links into the post.

  • State how I know i’m good at presenting

  • specify what new things I want to learn

Gouhai Qu

  • how can others get positive influence from me

  • in the team composting , ” which covers the most of the needs that are required to develop our product (what are those needs)

  • talk about more about my technical skills. Not just that I can do concept art but also mention that I can do technical stuff and programming


  • specify which goals,skills that I need to develop and gain,focus on the game part or on one part,specify the marketing in writing(specify writing in the first section).


  • In general, the plan is clear. However, I have to give more detail in my plan of how I want to work on my drawing skills, like a plan on who to contact, what to read, and the feasibility.


  • still needs feedback