Competitors and differences

What are our competitors in the market?
I’ve been doing desk-research on electronic bike computers and bluetooth phone conrollers.

E-bike Computers
Electronic bike computers are no competitor for us.
Most, if not all bike computers are marketed towards sports/bike enthousiasts and can only calculate how hard you’ve been biking, how many kilometers, weather, gps and such.

Our computer is meant for media usage, marketed towards everyone who rides a bike

Bike computers mostly come in 2 versions

  1. pre installed (E-bikes)

  2. remove-able

I tried to look for devices that could control your mobile trough bluetooth.
But I could only find apps that would let you use your mobile to control other things, and not the other way around.

The thing that mostly overlaps are those handsfree earpods. Where you have a button for volume and often for next and previous song.

We were thinking of adding more functionalities.
we will have the music controls for your phone, and some analytics like speed, km and such.

We also talked about adding:

  • speaker

  • horn

  • camera

  • light

A new Competitor
A few days later I found a competitor that makes a product that resembles our idea.
The competitor is a Chinese company called Aoveise.

Competitor: Aoveise


  • they sell a speaker we sell a controller

  • the phone will still be in your pocket instead of out in the open

  • smaller.

  • Ours is also useable while not biking.


  • they can charge your phone

Biggest differences:

Ours will be smaller and better to carry around.

We target casual bikers, it’s more affordable, they target bike enthusiasts who are willing to spend allot of money.

We talked about having multiple functions like camera, light, speaker, horn.
But now we think it’s better to drop these functions, and focus on making our product simple and affordable.

Pains and Gains.
With our product we relieve multiple pains.
Our main goal is to make listening to music on the bike easier.
Today with touchscreen on phones you will need to take your phone out of your pocket, unlock it and select a new song and put it back again.
In cold weather you even need to remove your gloves to use your touchscreen.

We plan to alleviate that pain with our bluetooth connected controller. You will be able to pause, forward, skip and adjust the volume with the press of a button on your steering wheel.

Creating a much more pleasant music/biking experience.

By doing this we also limit the amount of distractions for the cyclist. Creating a safer environment for not only the cyclist but also for other people.


To what problem does your product/service offer a solution?

The problem that our product offers a solution to is the lack of an inexpensive, smartphone remote controller for bikes. Our product makes smartphone usage easier while cycling (and not only). In turn, it reduces road frustration and distractions, thus increasing the safety of the traffic.


As it can be seen in the Buyer Utility Map, our product helps the user in multiple ways.

Customer’s productivity is increased because our product is easy to use, resulting in faster user experience. By having the installation on the bike’s frame, the product can easily be accessed and used, without having to pull up the smartphone.

Simplicity is another lever in making the product easy to use. It can be quickly paired with most devices and the buttons are intuitive and responsive.

The convenience lever is increased by having the product placed on the frame, thus eliminating the need of pulling up the paired device from the pocket or backpack. Furthermore, with the decrease of frustration on the road, the safety of the biker and of the other traffic participants is greatly increased.

While our product is mainly developed for bikes, it can be used individually as well, as a remote controller. Thus, while the majority of the target group owns and travels by bike, it does not necessarily depend on other products.

To what trends does the product apply?-Meda Moisa

What is a trend?

A trend it’s a general direction something it’s changing and developing.

There are a lot of old trends which improved along the years but there are also a lot of new trends which started to be implemented.

Some trends can last longer than the others.

Our product

it’s an improved idea which combines different other products which already exist in a technological and practical way.

A bluetooth installation that can communicate with smart phones, which will be located on the handle of the bike(looking like a gear).It would have different options from where to choose on several actions/tasks to give to your phone.

This should be more practical and help to prevent accidents, phones from getting damaged by the weather and not only.

To find out  how to fit the product to the market you need to:  Understand your customers’ current needs and foresee future ones. Learning the needs of your customer takes time and experience.

Focus on one significant value proposition

Build credibility

Taking a consumer first approach to trend analysis can tell marketers which trends fit a brand and which don’t. Because all trend opportunities are not created equal, not every brand/product can carry every trend. Technically, every company has the right to play, but the brand’s invitation to stay in a given category can only be extended by consumers.

Which means that you have to look at the customers needs first for you can be able to determine which trends fit.In order to fit in the market and to be able to sell the product you also have to fit the needs of the customers.

Our customers age could vary from children’s age until elderly’s age(10-80).It should be somebody that has a smart phone and a bike(which it’s pretty common nowadays).

Trends that fit our product

Techonological trends(bluetooth it’s a pretty used technology and it’s still developing)

Continous inovations( because it’s a inovation,it’s an improvement)

The need for speed(it’s easy to use so the consumer can do certain things faster,,not waste time and do multiple tasks in the same time)

Sustainability ,Social Responsibility,Safety(safety it’s important and our product can prevent accidents)

Increased focus on customer experience( the experience it’s important in every new product and brand and that’s what we focus on)

Personalized everything(we are trying to personalize the product and make as many tasks as possible to work)

Our product fits to most recent trends and it has to focus on the customers needs.

Value for the investors


Value #1: Unique product

Currently there is no product that has the same features as our concept. This allows for a good market position.


Value #2: Trend

Modern day students use their cell phone for multiple purposes, including listening music. With this product being a pain reliever that lets the user make use of the phone without distractions or complex interaction, it could become a trend.

Create value with the product for the consumer? -Qu

ps: For not to cause any confusion while you read the report, I will now briefly explain to you what is the product we are developing.

We are developing a bluetooth installation that can communicate with smart phones, which it will be located on the handle of the bike.


Target group

In order to create value for the consumer, first I have to figure out who is the consumer, what kind of group of people. Our target group is young adults who bike on the daily basis, they like to listen to music while biking to school or work, they have a relatively limited budget for spending on leisure products.

Value #1 – Safety

Listen to music while riding bike can be dangerous, but we can’t force those people who do to change their behavior, which means that they can’t listen to music while biking. Our approach to this is to reduce the possibility of causing accidents by placing our controller(Installation) on the handle, this way the biker doesn’t need to lift their hand off the handle, but they still have full control over the songs and volumes etc.

Value #2 – Interaction

Our target group is the generation that got so used to all the technology and advanced interface, they require better and simpler interaction. Therefore we will minimalise the steps that take for them to get they want.

Value #3 – Budget

The potential consumer for this product are young adults, the majority of them doesn’t have too much money to spend on leisure products, such as our product. The solution we have for them is to create a device to connect with their smartphone, which they already have one. This way the consumer doesn’t have to spend extra money for the overlapping function that’s already provided by the smartphone.

Value #4 – Sound Quality

Fact: Bluetooth audio suck! >> Check this link for a full explanation.

We provide a solution to our consumer which can fulfill their need for both the flexibility of the Bluetooth headphones and the sound quality the cable headsets.

Value #5 – Removable

Why is a removable product like this fits our consumer?
The advantages of being removable can be noticed in various ways.

  1. There will be less chance of getting water damaged for being removable.
  2. Less chance to get stolen since there is less opportunity to expose in public place.
  3. Our product is physically small, therefore it can be packed into a backpack easily.

Value #6 – Expandable

We are not just creating a product for one person, but for a mass target group. People are different from each other, they have different height, hands. By making our product expandable can the buttons easy to reach for different hand size, for different people.

Value #7 – Customize interaction

By giving the consumer the choice to customize the interaction between our product and smartphone. In this way, each individual can make the interaction fits their own needs, which resulted in a personalized interaction.

Value #8 – Save touch screen

The touch screen is a great function of smartphones but in some cases, the touch screen can not fulfill the needs of the user. For example, when you are wearing a glove or when you are painting and your hands are dirty or when your hands are wet etc.