Marketing Research

For the marketing and Business-model-canvas i’ve looked up multiple ways to create our product. We are working with the light blue-bean  which is the basis of our product.
The hard part is finding out how to create our case/housing.
There are 3 options for this.


  • External mechanical engineering
    With external mechanical engineering we rely on an external company to create our cases. the prices are not set and need to be discussed.
    This service would not fit us as a starting company. this option would be better if you can really mass produce the product, because you need to reach the breaking point of the cost of the material and production.


  • External 3D printing
    This is were we let our products be printed by an external 3D printing company.
    They have a wide arange of materials that can be printed and allot of experience.
    This might be our best option becuase we can’t mass produce and we don’t have the money to invest in our own 3D printing equipment.


  • Internal 3D printing
    Internal 3D printing could be something we could invest in.
    We would need to know what materials and dimensions we will need for our 3D printer. We will need to know how many we can produce with that printer and if it’s possible to sell enough units to justify the investment.


Mechanical engineering companies.
I’ve looked around and found multiple mechanical engineering companies.

but with all there is now clear distinction of price and process, this will need to be decided between the two parties.


3D printing companies
I’ve found an impressive and clear 3D printing company that has allot of materials and experience.


Deciding our method.
We will need to work out our product and see how much it will cost us to make it using different methods. Compare that to the amount of interesst in our products and then decide how we are going to realize our product based on those numbers.


360 Information scan – Tudor


On what topics do you need information to develop a first draft concept?

Alongside Guohai, my part in the team is to work on the technical aspect of the concept, which includes the LightBlue Bean (LBB). I will be looking into setting up the Bean Loader and means of communicating with the device.


What sources will you use?

I will mostly use the official guide website, but I will also look for various other sites, depending on what questions might arise.


What subject teachers will you consult?

Regarding the LBB, the teachers that could help are R. Heijnen and K. Kamperman.



Research results

1 Setting up the Bean Loader

I installed all the required components (Python 2.7, node-gyp, node.js and Microsoft Build Tools), but, since I work on a Windows machine, I am unable to scan for and connect to the LBB without an USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter/dongle.


2 Means of communication


There are 3 ways of sending data from the LBB controller to the smartphone: iBeacon, Scratch Characteristics and Virtual Serial.


Using iBeacon, the LBB can always broadcast data to any devices listening nearby. Since we do not need to communicate back to the LBB, this could be a solution. However, using this method, the smartphone does not pair with the LBB and every device supporting iBeacon in the vicinity will be affected.


Virtual Serial (VS) and Scratch Characteristics (SC) are very similar to each other. They are used to communicate data to/from LBB. However, using SC, it’s difficult to build your own app and to send more than 20 bytes.


Research for first draft

Before the initial product design can be made, additional research on the LightBlue bean (LBB) is required.

Several aspects LBB will be researched, like design, connector points and requirements.


#1: LightBlue Bean layout


Before the design phase can be started, it is important to know the specifications of the LBB to be able to optimally use all of the features.


The standard LBB dimensions are: LBBSchematic

45.5mm x 20.3mm x 8.38mm.

  • The prototyping area is not necessary for the LBB to function, but is best used for placing buttons or turning wheels.



#2 Case design requirements


  • There needs to be additional space on top side of the LBB, to allow further expansions like buttons and turning wheels.
  • The case should be easy to open on the backside, to allow for battery changes
  • The device should not be in the way of the user and easily manageable
  • The device can easily be detached and attached to prevent theft
  • Waterproof options need to be researched




Research for Product Design.What makes a product attractive?What design does the target group need?-Meda Moisa

Product Design

The detailed specification of a manufactured item’s parts and their relationship to the whole. A product design needs to take into account how the item will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. The product also needs to be capable of being made economically and to be attractive to targeted consumers.

The product design it’s important for both the company and the customer.In order to receive customers and to advertise a product you need to find the suitable design for your product.It has to fit the customer’s needs.

The product design of our product has to be practical,simple,durable.

In order to attract the client you also have to promote the product by making advertisments with good pictures,good descriptions and you also need to show what the product it’s doing.You need to create something interesting and not boring,something that attracts the client.

We need to create something that is influential in customer satisfaction.Customizing features, easy to use interface, practical, balance between product and price.

Usually the design looks simple and modern.

I have found a similar product for bikes on kickstarter:

This product makes biking easier and it indicates what to do,indicates notifications on your phone,traffic,safety,helps you to travel easier.

It also has sensors.

In order to make a product attractive we need to think smart,we need to use smart text,good color selection,simple shape,good printing,good build,well placed.

The Importance of Product design to Marketing

There are several reasons that product design can be important to an organization from a Marketing point of view.

  • When compared with a competition, if you have the better product design, your product will be chosen abov competition in the market.
  • Product design is a major crowd pull especially in technology markets like Laptops or Smartphones.
  • Even in heavy machinery or services, design plays a major role because it can be the difference between efficiency and chaos.
  • Design can be in various forms, and better the acceptability of the product design over time, the better the brand built for the organization.
  • Packaging plays a major role in product design as it is the last point of influence and hence the last sales point for the company. Good packaging incorporated in product design can make a huge difference.

Product design influences the market,the customers and has a high impact on them.The target groups needs have a high importance into choosing the right design for the product,it has to fit and attract them.



On what topics do you need information to develop a first drScreen Shot 2017-03-11 at 5.48.55 PMaft concept?

After the team meeting, we divided our task as follow(pic on the right). For me, I will be looking up into some features and functions that Light Blue Bean( I will refer light blue bean as LBB later on) has that could be useful for developing our product.

What sources will you use?

I start the research on this site by reading through the guide. Also trying to find some inspiration from other people’s project on this site

What subject teachers will you consult?

I went to one of the technical teacher B.R. Heijnen to ask for an LBB, To start exploring and testing the possibilities of LBB. Also, I asked B.R. Heijnen who is the teacher we should consult for the LBB matter. ( B.R. Heijnen and Kasper )

In the following paragraph, i will be showing the results of the research.

The research result

#1: Set up LBB


LBB supports many different platforms such as OS X, Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux. I am using a MacBook, therefore I looked up into how to set up LBB loader on OS X.
Steps to set up LBB on OS X:
. Install Arduino 1.6.8 (the stable version)
. Install bean loader
. Associate bean loader with Arduino
. Connect light blue bean to my MacBook
. Test the connection by uploading one example sketch to LBB. (light blue bean didn’t work, probably broken, need to talk to B.R. Heijnen )

#2: Searching for possible solution – ANCS(Apple Notification Center Service)


In this example, a light blue bean is communicating with iPhone, Could be useful for our product, But it’s only iPhone sending data to LBB, what we want to know is the other way around, light blue bean sends data to iPhone. In the later, on research, i will look into this function more in detail.


#3: Searching for possible solution – HID(Human Interface Device)

In this example of, they show an example of how LBB can send data to HID device(in this case(MacBook), but this function can be applied to other devices such as a smartphone. which is the things we are searching for in order to develop our product.

#4: Searching for possible solution – Build an APP that talks with LBB


I will briefly explain the result I got from this tutorial. Steps are listed as follow.

Build an app in Xcode. (pre-step), I will have to look up into how to make an app with Xcode if I decide to build our product this way. (Downloading Xcode just now, 0 knowledge about it.)
Install Bean SDK(software development kit)
Coding (how to handle beans and so on), while I was reading this one thing, caught my eye. which can be helpful for us to develop our product. What we are searching for is exactly that.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 8.20.27 PM