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This is our kickstarter page which contains the information about our product


Reflection-Meda Moisa


What are the strengths of our concept?

Firstly I believe that our concept it’s unique because it’s combining different technologies in such a way that it makes the product practical and different from the others.

Secondly I think that the product solves a lot of problems for the customers such as safety while using the phone and biking. Safety it’s very important, our product could help to prevent the numbers of accidents that are produced while biking because it would make you less distracted since you don’t have to remove your hand to search for your phone in the pocket, you can keep your hands on the bike handle.

In the third place I think that our product it’s very practical since it’s detachable, easy to use and flexible because of the BlueTooth technology that it uses. The price is acceptable for students also,especially because most students own a smartphone so they don’t have to buy extra devices for the app. The concept has a high potentinal  to develop because we are preparing to add more functions in the future for the user.

Your phone won’t get damaged also, our concept is based on using the BlueTooth technology which allows the user to be able to not take their phone out while biking so they can just use our device while their phone it’s inside the pocket/backpack.Since in the Netherlands it rains a lot this is very convenient.


What are the weaknesses of our concept?

The weaknesses of our concept mostly refer to the materials we use, the battery sloth, the production and the technical part.

The material of this product it’s not waterproof which might be a problem for the Light Blue Bean inside but we are in a developing process and we are planning to create a waterproof alternative. It also takes a lot of time to print one product since it’s created by using a 3d printer.

Our product has inside a light blue bean which requires a battery, we do not have a special sloth to change the battery but the product has 2 parts, by taking one out you can replace the battery easily.

The Light Blue Bean costs a lot but we have found a cheap alternative that we can use in the future which it’s a normal BLE.

Also for now we only have one function but for the future we are developing more functions for the user to be able to control different types of apps on their phone.


What went well regarding to the process ? 

The concept: We created a concept that we all liked after making a brainstorm session.We all had great ideas so by combining them and working together we came up with this concept. After coming up with the concept we started to plan everything, to give tasks, to research about different things. We all worked together and since we have similar mind set we got motivated to work together.

The team:  The team was enthusiathic to work together, we helped each other a lot. It is a good thing that each one of us was doing something different, each one of us had different tasks, each one of us is good at something else but combining all of those has helped the team to develop and achieve it’s goals. My team mates were very helpful and understanding. By planning everything the process for this project went smooth since we all knew what each one of us had to do.

Feedback: We have received constructive feedback from our teachers  Tim Roosen, Martijn Derkzen and Johannes de Boer which has helped us to understand better what we can change, how to make the concept and product better, how to solve the problem that we chose. The feedback has helped me realize how to improve my own skills but also how to help my team better.

The process went smoothly even though we had some problems we fixed them in the end.


What could be better about the process?

The delivery of the tasks could have been better since sometimes it took more time for others than the rest but everyone finished their taks in the end.

We could have talked more during the meetings, like being more organized, know exactly what we need to talk about.

I was also very stressed since I also have re-dos and I had to plan my time carefully and it was overwhelming. I could have plan my time better and focus more but it was a little hard since I got very stressed.

Since we helped each other we could face those things easier and fix the problems we had.


The value I provided to my team?What was my role in this team?

Individual focus: In the first blog I have wrote that I am interested in a lot of things but since it’s hard to focus on a lot of things I decided to focus on the writing part since other people were better than me in things that interested me and writing it’s one of the things I want to learn more. Researching, marketing, testing have helped me since I thought that it would help me a lot in the future for an internship and when I will work in a company. It has help me to develop my skills, to improve my writing, my way of thinking. I have found out a lot of new information which contributed to the team and has helped us to fix or to develop our concept easier.

By making research I helped the team by providing information that has helped us to think and see what’s the best way to create and present our product. Since most of my tasks were writing I have also put together the written content from the kickstarter page based on the research me and my team mates made but also base on the process.

I had also helped with other tasks when neccessarry.

The testing part has helped the team to have a more clear idea and it helped us make changes in the price, material, etc.

My process I have posted in my previous blogs.

By researching about different topics I have gained more knowledge and a in depth perception of how different companies work, how to present your idea, how does the target group thinks since we are also part of it. I have a more broad view and now I know how different things work.



What methods are suitable for the concept test?

Based on the target audience of our product, we have the following options for  concept testing methods

  •   Interview — interview people on the street using cameras and microphones
  •   Online – survey
  •   Physical  product testing
  •   Use 360 video camera to record the use of our product

We will interview around 10 people in Enschede center which suit our target group. They need to be traveling by bike and be between 18 and 25 years old.

Link to the target group post

Link to the questionnaire:

What prototype is suitable for the concept test?

3D printed model

For the prototype testing we need to have a physical product, this makes it easier to show the concept to the target group and find potential problems. Using this methods we found problems with our first prototype and came with a new design.

Link to the 3D modeling post:

App prototype

To show the functionality of our product we made an app prototype that responds to the LightBlue bean signal. The app controls the music player and is designed in an easy to use, simplistic way that fits with the style of our product.

link to the app prototype post:


To demonstrate possible uses and to attract the target group we used the basic prototype as a basis to design a new, aesthetically pleasing design. This illustration will be used to promote the product and make the usage clear.

Link to the illustration post:

What test persons will be selected for the test?

  • youngsters aged between 18 -25
  • Bikers on the street
  • People who are wearing earphones on the street


What conclusions will you draw from the test?

Things that people like
  • Design. :  It’s small and portable, can be carried around easily.  //
  • functionalities : It’s easy to understand what to do with the product .//
Things that people dislike
  • Design. :    The edges are too shape , maybe it can cut my hands when i use it . //.   the surface of the product can be a little more smooth.


functionalities :  Not enough functions for the price of the product .


What are the consequences of the conclusions of the concept?

This product has potential because a lot of people had mostly positive feedback from the interview and survey. However, for the product to be successful in the market we need to change certain aspects, like the shape, corners and add extra functionality to make it fit with the price.

How to define your target audience?-Meda

The target audience it’s one of the most important aspects in the market but how to define it?

  1. Well first think about your product and what benefits it gives, in our case it offers a modern system, it’s easy to use, it’s safe, it’s portable and detachable.

Understand the problems that you want to solve.In our case usability,safety,making biking while using your phone easier,accessibility.

2.Choose the specific demographic aspects

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Marital or family status
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic background


3.Choose the psychological aspects

  • Personality
  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Interests/hobbies
  • Lifestyles
  • Behavior


4.Put questions:

  • Are there enough people who fit my criteria?
  • Will my target really benefit from my product/service? Will they see a need for it?
  • Do I understand what drives my target to make decisions?
  • Can they afford my product/service?
  • Can I reach them with my message? Are they easily accessible?
  • Are they open to new ideas?
  • How to reach them?
  • To whom will these problems be most troublesome?
  • Who will have the most to lose by not dealing with these issues?
  • Where to find this target group?

5.Make a persona if needed. (here is a persona that I created)

Also don’t break down your target to far, try to reach as many people as possible and to find how to attract them.

6.Think about your market and your comapany

  • Do you have particular areas of expertise?
  • Do you have unique knowledge of a specific geographical area?
  • Are you better at getting on with certain types of people?

Our product has a wide range for the target group like people that are travelling while using their phone, people that prefer safety, people that just use their bikes casually.The age could go from 14-80, the country,gender,ethnicity wouldn’t be a problem.More likely it’s people that are open to new ideas and willing to try a product that could fix their problems.

After defining our target group it’s much easier to figure out which media it’s the best to use,how to reach them and also test your product on the target group,make interviews,make surveys,etc.


Research for Product Design.What makes a product attractive?What design does the target group need?-Meda Moisa

Product Design

The detailed specification of a manufactured item’s parts and their relationship to the whole. A product design needs to take into account how the item will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. The product also needs to be capable of being made economically and to be attractive to targeted consumers.

The product design it’s important for both the company and the customer.In order to receive customers and to advertise a product you need to find the suitable design for your product.It has to fit the customer’s needs.

The product design of our product has to be practical,simple,durable.

In order to attract the client you also have to promote the product by making advertisments with good pictures,good descriptions and you also need to show what the product it’s doing.You need to create something interesting and not boring,something that attracts the client.

We need to create something that is influential in customer satisfaction.Customizing features, easy to use interface, practical, balance between product and price.

Usually the design looks simple and modern.

I have found a similar product for bikes on kickstarter:

This product makes biking easier and it indicates what to do,indicates notifications on your phone,traffic,safety,helps you to travel easier.

It also has sensors.

In order to make a product attractive we need to think smart,we need to use smart text,good color selection,simple shape,good printing,good build,well placed.

The Importance of Product design to Marketing

There are several reasons that product design can be important to an organization from a Marketing point of view.

  • When compared with a competition, if you have the better product design, your product will be chosen abov competition in the market.
  • Product design is a major crowd pull especially in technology markets like Laptops or Smartphones.
  • Even in heavy machinery or services, design plays a major role because it can be the difference between efficiency and chaos.
  • Design can be in various forms, and better the acceptability of the product design over time, the better the brand built for the organization.
  • Packaging plays a major role in product design as it is the last point of influence and hence the last sales point for the company. Good packaging incorporated in product design can make a huge difference.

Product design influences the market,the customers and has a high impact on them.The target groups needs have a high importance into choosing the right design for the product,it has to fit and attract them.

Marketing,branding,future development-Meda

In order to promote our brand and be on the market we need to create an authentic product.

Virtually all surveys concur that public opinion regarding the legitimacy of commercial, social, cultural, religious and political leadership, is at an all-time low.

How to promote your brand?

Branding is all about giving an identity for your company.One of the most important things it’s promoting the product on social media.Since social media has such a big impact in our world and most people are using it,promoting it,posting advertisments,information,creating a logo,website,etc helps into branding the product in order to reach more customers.

I have read a lot of articles and many say not to spam to much online,to over post or to over promote your product.We have to create a professional appearance of our company.

We need to prove that we are here to stay for a long term,that we know what we are doing.Using images it’s helpful in order to attract clients,since most people remember things visually.

Our product focuses on controlling the music app, it’s detachable and you will be able to use it not only when you are on your bike but also when you are on your motorcycle,car,boat,plane,etc.We want to make it accessible and easy to use and we want to create more functions that will be useful to the user,like controlling other actions on your phone.Our product focuses on user usability,accessibillity and many more.

Making research on what is now on the market has helped us to have a more broad view on how we can develop our product.


To what trends does the product apply?-Meda Moisa

What is a trend?

A trend it’s a general direction something it’s changing and developing.

There are a lot of old trends which improved along the years but there are also a lot of new trends which started to be implemented.

Some trends can last longer than the others.

Our product

it’s an improved idea which combines different other products which already exist in a technological and practical way.

A bluetooth installation that can communicate with smart phones, which will be located on the handle of the bike(looking like a gear).It would have different options from where to choose on several actions/tasks to give to your phone.

This should be more practical and help to prevent accidents, phones from getting damaged by the weather and not only.

To find out  how to fit the product to the market you need to:  Understand your customers’ current needs and foresee future ones. Learning the needs of your customer takes time and experience.

Focus on one significant value proposition

Build credibility

Taking a consumer first approach to trend analysis can tell marketers which trends fit a brand and which don’t. Because all trend opportunities are not created equal, not every brand/product can carry every trend. Technically, every company has the right to play, but the brand’s invitation to stay in a given category can only be extended by consumers.

Which means that you have to look at the customers needs first for you can be able to determine which trends fit.In order to fit in the market and to be able to sell the product you also have to fit the needs of the customers.

Our customers age could vary from children’s age until elderly’s age(10-80).It should be somebody that has a smart phone and a bike(which it’s pretty common nowadays).

Trends that fit our product

Techonological trends(bluetooth it’s a pretty used technology and it’s still developing)

Continous inovations( because it’s a inovation,it’s an improvement)

The need for speed(it’s easy to use so the consumer can do certain things faster,,not waste time and do multiple tasks in the same time)

Sustainability ,Social Responsibility,Safety(safety it’s important and our product can prevent accidents)

Increased focus on customer experience( the experience it’s important in every new product and brand and that’s what we focus on)

Personalized everything(we are trying to personalize the product and make as many tasks as possible to work)

Our product fits to most recent trends and it has to focus on the customers needs.